Finding your way in a life full of decisions

I think it’s fair to say I have made some pretty big, drastically life changing decisions of late. I have walked away from a relatively easy, well paying job that included a lovely flat with beautiful views and a boss I actually liked. All in order to move to the depths of the Welsh Valleys and take on 25 years of paying a mortgage, bills and all the stress and commitments that come with it. Now I have no job and lots of responsibility! Madness! Yet I knowingly chose this path because, in order to move forward with our lives we sometimes have to make some hard decisions. Contemplating the road my life is now taking got me thinking about how the decisions we make throughout our life affect us.

I know I’m going to miss working horses on eerie misty early mornings before the world has woken up

But most of all I’ll miss this handsome old chap – CP My Love!


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Smile don’t Pout! Lady Shredders lead the way

I HATE Pouting! I don’t care who says it’s fashionable, it looks stupid. For good reason is it otherwise known as the ‘Trout Pout’ or ‘Duck Face’. According to the The Concise Oxford Dictionary the definition of the word Pout is:

“To push the lips forward as an expression of displeasure or sulking”

Which would explain why the main image the word brings to mind is that of a sulking, petulant child sat on the floor with their arms crossed. Whether this is better or worse than the sultry, sexy look girls as young as 10 are going for when they do this is questionable.

What I do know is that if I had a child that is not the kind of image I would want them to grow up idolising and trying to replicate. That is not what I would like to see held up as the epitome of all a women can be. That it is nowhere near as engaging, inspiring and uplifting as a picture of a woman who is genuinely smiling because she is happy.

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Sketchy times at Okeford Hill Bike Park – Southern Enduro round 1

A better title for this weekend’s race, the first round of the Southern Enduro series on the 11th June, would have been Downduro. A name cleverly thought up by a guy (who I’m trying to track down to give credit too) we were chatting to on the push up. Okeford Hill, it would seem, is certainly more of a natural, steep and sketchy downhill kind of venue than you would normally expect from a bike park hosting an Enduro competition. Think of how many rocks there are at Bike Park Wales, Okeford has that many roots with a nice bit of slippy clay in between, then imagine this with a good bit of rain overnight. It’s safe to say staying upright was a tad challenging!

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Dyfi Welsh Open = Challenge Completed

The weekend of the 20-21st May saw my team mate Laura Griffiths and I trucking the 6 hours up to the village of Machynlleth, Mid Wales, for the Welsh Open run by Welsh Gravity enduro. This was to be a race unlike any other I had taken part in with 45km of pedalling and 1800 metres of climbing on both practice and race day. As an EWS qualifier we knew this race was going to be a big leap up from our usual local races. Excitement levels were high! (heightened by a healthy dose of fear!) Continue reading

Dust + Loam + Switchbacks + Exmoor views = Total Success for the Southern Enduro champs

This weekend has been the greatest reminder for me of why I want to have a go at this enduro racing malarkey.  It was so much fun that each day ended with me just wanting to head back out and ride more, despite aching legs. First a little explanation of what had me smiling so much…..

Here I am sporting the new Red Brick cycles team Jersey and proudly clutching the Orbea Rallon aka ‘The Beast’ which kindly looked after me once again!

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What does exercise mean to you?

I have a confession………. I am a very intolerant person. I find it hard sometimes to relate to and understand people who don’t think the same way as I do. (Those who know me well will be nodding their heads and laughing right now!) As I’ve got older and hopefully, a little wiser, I’ve come to realise that everybody values different things, this means the way they think and motivate themselves can be the very polar opposite to your way. This doesn’t necessarily mean they are wrong. Rather than judging people you get far more out of social situations if you listen, take an interest and try to learn from other people’s approach to life.

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Winter training – Having a go at Downhill

Over the winter I decided it would be fun to have a little go at Downhill racing. I get so nervous before race runs I thought, the more I do the better. Taking part in a grass roots, off season series that weren’t in the discipline I normally do would hopefully mean I would put less pressure on myself. Frankly, I’m just not into beasting myself uphills enough for Cross Country, so Downhill was the only option.

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The Season begins – Bike Park Wales mini Enduro

It is here already! My first attempt at a full season of Enduro racing began this Saturday 4th March with the Haibike Mini Enduro at Bike Park Wales. The day started with glorious sunshine and clear blue skies like I feel I haven’t seen in forever!  Then the weather Gods remembered this was Wales so it started raining…..

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