Rebooting my brain

It is done. I have finished my Freelance Journalism course. The strangest thing is, for the first time in my life, I actually feel sad to finish studying! Though I have very much enjoyed my course, it hasn’t always been easy. Returning to ‘school’ is becoming evermore popular, a quick google search suggests that a quarter of all students enrolling are over 21. A UCAS report from 2014 recorded 37,300 students over 25 accepted onto higher education courses that year. With this in mind, I thought I would share some of my troubles and successes as I am attempt to refire the old brain engine so others can see they are not alone in their struggles.

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Onwards and Upwards

To begin this post I would first like to apologise for my severe lack of content over the past month. I felt it would be best to offer some explanation so I shall briefly fill you in on where my life scheming plans have taken me now. I personally prefer blogs that give an insight to the writers life, it’s part of their appeal in my opinion and it will help to give the posts context if you understand where I’m at in my life now. So here’s a little of my latest story……..


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Is a Grooms life for you?



3, 2, 1 UP! I hold my breath and fight the impulse to tuck my own knees in. He lands, the poles stay up. I stay transfixed as he bounces his way to the final fence, his head is held high yet tucked in soft to his rider’s hand, his big neck arched proudly to ears stretched forward, focused on the next fence, he so clearly loves his job. Instinctively I count the final strides again then half cover my eyes as I see he’s slightly off, I hear the whole crowd gasp with me as White Star puts in an almighty leap and sores high above the fence kicking out his back legs in an incredible show of athleticism. As they land Justin pushes him on hands up his neck like a jockey, they thunder through the flags and the whole crowd roars, they’ve won! Tears come to my eyes and pride wells in my chest as I watch them gallop around the arena waving to the crowds. The horse looks a million dollars, almost blinding in his whiteness as the sun shines on him, muscles rippling just under the skin as he comes back to a trot and practically dances back towards me such is the power in his every stride. When you see him perform you have no doubt that this is a star of the future you’re watching. As they leave the arena my boss catches my eye and gives me a huge smile, a smile that says a thousand Thank you’s because it’s moments like these that make all the hard work worthwhile. Continue reading