Finding your way in a life full of decisions

I think it’s fair to say I have made some pretty big, drastically life changing decisions of late. I have walked away from a relatively easy, well paying job that included a lovely flat with beautiful views and a boss I actually liked. All in order to move to the depths of the Welsh Valleys and take on 25 years of paying a mortgage, bills and all the stress and commitments that come with it. Now I have no job and lots of responsibility! Madness! Yet I knowingly chose this path because, in order to move forward with our lives we sometimes have to make some hard decisions. Contemplating the road my life is now taking got me thinking about how the decisions we make throughout our life affect us.

I know I’m going to miss working horses on eerie misty early mornings before the world has woken up

But most of all I’ll miss this handsome old chap – CP My Love!


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Smile don’t Pout! Lady Shredders lead the way

I HATE Pouting! I don’t care who says it’s fashionable, it looks stupid. For good reason is it otherwise known as the ‘Trout Pout’ or ‘Duck Face’. According to the The Concise Oxford Dictionary the definition of the word Pout is:

“To push the lips forward as an expression of displeasure or sulking”

Which would explain why the main image the word brings to mind is that of a sulking, petulant child sat on the floor with their arms crossed. Whether this is better or worse than the sultry, sexy look girls as young as 10 are going for when they do this is questionable.

What I do know is that if I had a child that is not the kind of image I would want them to grow up idolising and trying to replicate. That is not what I would like to see held up as the epitome of all a women can be. That it is nowhere near as engaging, inspiring and uplifting as a picture of a woman who is genuinely smiling because she is happy.

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What does exercise mean to you?

I have a confession………. I am a very intolerant person. I find it hard sometimes to relate to and understand people who don’t think the same way as I do. (Those who know me well will be nodding their heads and laughing right now!) As I’ve got older and hopefully, a little wiser, I’ve come to realise that everybody values different things, this means the way they think and motivate themselves can be the very polar opposite to your way. This doesn’t necessarily mean they are wrong. Rather than judging people you get far more out of social situations if you listen, take an interest and try to learn from other people’s approach to life.

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An honest confession and some exciting news!

I am sorry readers. There is no hiding from the fact that this blog has been severely neglected of late. In fact, my goal of becoming a writer of any kind has been neglected. The truth is, though I can provide any number of excuses such as work being busier, trying to get Cali going better, tiredness and these are all contributing factors when it really comes down to it that’s not why. The real reason is, I have felt like giving up.

Mawli helping

Mawli helping

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Go Exploring!

One of the things I love most about moving to a new area is the promise of miles and miles of new footpaths and bridleways to investigate. Top of my to do list on arrival is always to invest in an OS map. Many people out there, I believe, are missing out on the opportunity to discover so many fantastic trails, views and hidden beauty spots by sticking to following the same old routes they know or have found in their chosen guide book. Today I would like to help open your eyes to how easy it is to have your own micro adventure in the nearest available wild place – by going exploring.


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Beating race day nerves

Butterflies having a party in your stomach, feeling nauseous, an inability to eat or even sit still. Frustratingly can’t sleep, can’t think straight and that ever present frown on your face. Doesn’t sound like fun does it? Yet racing is meant to be fun, that’s the whole point isn’t it? That’s the focal point of your hobby!

Nerves can put a real dampener on race day. I know this from my own struggle with them, one I am still battling now. Whilst some people seem to be immune from this issue, most of us will at least feel a little nervous, especially as we come to line up at the start line. This is an inevitable result of all the hard work and preparation that’s gone into being ready for that moment, it’s also a sign of a desire to do well. It is only when these nerves get to such a level that they detract from your performance and enjoyment of the day that they become a problem.11583890763_5c8edabcf3_o

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Keep training simple, keep it fun!

Lately I have found myself spending increasing amounts of time trawling through endless fitness websites. With a half marathon next weekend and the big aim – my first marathon, looming ever more present on the horizon I have been searching for advice on the right way to increase my training programme. I had been hoping more knowledge would work to stem the panic but infact the more I read the more confused I became and the more inadequate my own training efforts felt. It was all aerobic/anaerobic/lactate thresholds, VO2max intervals, protein shakes, measuring your heart rate, counting your steps and having a target pace for every mile you ever run.

It was all so far from everything I enjoy about exercising.


Moments like these…

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I believe in Positivity

Life is full of challenges. Some we choose for ourselves, others are forced upon us. The difference between those who succeed in life and those who don’t, is how they choose to deal with these challenges. A lot of that will come down to the way each person thinks. This is where having a positive attitude comes in. I believe this to be one of the key contributing factors to living a happy, fulfilled, successful life. Let me try to tell you why in the most non fluffy and unpatronising way possible……….


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Rebooting my brain

It is done. I have finished my Freelance Journalism course. The strangest thing is, for the first time in my life, I actually feel sad to finish studying! Though I have very much enjoyed my course, it hasn’t always been easy. Returning to ‘school’ is becoming evermore popular, a quick google search suggests that a quarter of all students enrolling are over 21. A UCAS report from 2014 recorded 37,300 students over 25 accepted onto higher education courses that year. With this in mind, I thought I would share some of my troubles and successes as I am attempt to refire the old brain engine so others can see they are not alone in their struggles.

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