What is it about horses?

As I find myself entering a new chapter of my life, I have been spending a lot of time thinking about what’s important to me and how to balance work time, versus play time. A big element of that has been the way horses seem to be creeping their way back onto the scene. With a lot else going on I’ve been struggling to find time to keep up the blog posts so I’ve decided to simply share some of my ponderings with you all.

Topmost of the list this week is – what is it about horses? Why can I not escape them?  I’ve even tried leaving the country a good few times and I just seem to end up working with them abroad too! You often hear people using the saying “Ah, well it’s in her blood you see.” By this I don’t think they mean you’ve inherited your passion. I think what they really mean is more of a literal thing, like it’s an incurable disease. Which would also explain the “she’s been bitten by the bug” saying.

Mr Frederick sure did love to run!

Mr Frederick sure did love to run!

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Giving something back

I am willing to bet that almost all of the readers of this blog will have at some point benefitted from the kindness of volunteers. They fill a vital role in the running of every event we all enjoy so much yet do we take them for granted? I have recently been unable to participate in a couple of my planned trail running races due to injury so I took the opportunity to gain a different perspective and volunteered instead.

I felt volunteering would be a worthwhile way to combat my initial frustration at being out of action. It gave me a way to still be involved in the excitement of race day and meet other like minded individuals that share my love of running.


Proceedings at the start line of the Hameldown Hammer were                                                    supervised by chief marshall – Mrs Ewe

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Where does all the time go?

Why is it that no matter how organised I think I am with timetables, to do lists, reminders, diaries and calendars all around me, I still always run out of time? I am permanently at least 10 minutes late for everything and NEVER complete all the tasks I have set myself for that day never mind the week. I find this VERY frustrating! My Mum says it’s because I always try to fit too many things into one day. My Dad says it’s because my concept of how long a task will take is way out. I blame this awful necessity of having to go to work at Pizza Hut in the evenings.



                                             The age old, very true saying, time just flies when you’re having fun

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Devon by Mountain bike

Now I’ve been back in Devon a few months I’m beginning to accumulate a good list of fun places to ride. Though most trail centres have their own website it can be hard to find somewhere with all the information in one place. I often find myself wasting a lot of time looking for postcodes and comparing trails vs distance vs facilities. So here I have a round up of, in my opinion, the best places to go for a spin. They are all off road routes but I’ve tried to be clear what type of riding and skill level each is best suited for.  Continue reading

Cockington Christmas Caper

My love for Cockington Country Park started from a young age, as the place where I first sat on a horse it will always hold a special place in my heart. Situated between Torquay and Paignton, only a 5 minute walk from the seafront it is an oasis of calm from the hubub of Torquay town centre. Even in the middle of summer when tourists crowd the picturesque thatched villiage centre there is always miles of bridleways and footpath through fields and forests to escape to where the only sound is birdsong and wind whistling through the trees. Inevitably when I discovered there was to be an 8 mile off road race there in December I just had to enter. Continue reading

A few life changes

                       JOB = QUIT

                        HOME = MOVED 4½ HOURS SOUTH  


How do you decide when enough is enough? This is a question I have been asking myself a lot lately. My method is to make a list of pros and cons for leaving and staying. When I saw that the reasons I had for staying were things such as money, security, not wanting to let people down (even though said people would let me down regularly) not wanting to admit I was wrong and this life path wasn’t working. None of these reasons had any real value to me, these are things we are told to value but when compared to my pros – happiness, doing a job you consider worthwhile and that your passionate about, being around those that love and value you, living in a place that suits you. You can see how they pale into insignificance. Continue reading