Introducing………. ‘The Beast!’

As my last post briefly mentioned I have a swanky new ride. An Orbea Rallon x30 which I quite simply LOVE! Now I will allow you to admire his beauty for a while before we continue….

For all those bike tech nerds out there here is the spec sheet for you to examine. Just below the back wheel in the picture of the bike there is a ‘Geometry and sizes’ tab you can open for all the precise measurement details you could ever desire.

Even the cows admire him!

There have been a few changes to my bike these are

  • Dirty dan front tyre, Magic Mary back.
  • Shimano Deore XT brakes (off my old Stumpy)
  • Fabric scoop radius saddle
  • KS dropper (unsure which model)

I have a Large sized frame which many think is odd as I am a 5ft 6 and a half girl. However, it turns out that the correct size isn’t measure by your height, rather it’s a combination of your torso, arm length and the distance from your hip to knee which it would seem one me, is long. It also depends on your riding style.When I stand next to the bike, I think it’s huge but when I’m riding it feels great. I can easily reach the handlebars when seated and the pedalling position is much more comfortable compared to my last medium sized bike. I feel like I can push down with more power. Now when I get on any smaller bike and stand in the attack position it feels like I’m about to fall straight over the bars!

Our first race outing at Gawton

Before even swinging a leg over the Rallon there were several factors that convinced me this bike would be a good choice. Orbea are a Spanish company who design and build their bikes in Spain not a factory in Taiwan. All level of models come with exactly the same frame and if you are ordering your bike in (online or through your local LBS) you can swap and change components to build exactly the bike you want. At £2,399 the Rallon is extremely competitively priced for a 160mm travel, aggressive, race ready, enduro bike. There are 2 higher specced models the X10 and the XTEAM click here to take a better look at them. My team mate Laura will be riding an X10 model for the season jammy bugger!

After my first descent on a demo ride at Cann woods I was sold that this bike was for me. Its affectionate nickname ‘The Beast’ isn’t just because of its Large size, this bike rides like a Monster truck, it just charges everywhere! Like a bolting horse I’m constantly trying to keep it under a tiny bit of control, this really is a RACE bike. Thankfully the 2nd greatest factor of the Rallon is how incredibly planted it is, when you corner with a bit of speed it feels like you’re being sucked into the berm and then spat back out even faster, such a great feeling when you learn to trust the bike and stay off the brakes. I’m told this is due to the Boost 148mm rear axle width bringing the back wheel further in underneath you and lowering the BB height. When the going gets steep the super slack design that pushes the front wheel way out in front compared to the old Stumpy gives me so much more confidence. The bike makes me believe in it and often somehow manages to carry on over stuff despite my mess ups and we miraculously come out of gnarly sections upright much to my amazement. Combined with my super grippy tyres all the crashes I’ve had so far have been purely down to pilot navigational errors!

So far I have no real criticisms of my new beloved, as you can probably tell I’m quite besotted. I personally do not get on with the KS dropper (stock models come with none at all) so as soon as funds allow I’ll be investing in a Reverb. I’m still undecided whether I prefer the 2×10 this bike comes with or should I change to the more fashionable and popular 1×11 set up? The 2x is noisier and I do occasionally lose my chain on very rough ground but and this is a big but, the Exmoor hills I train on for base miles are super steep so I have been loving that granny ring! So jury’s out, I certainly won’t be changing it before the Southern Enduro champs at Minehead in April. Lastly it’s Beastly size does make hike a bike sections a tad tricky but I’ll happily sacrifice that for how much fun it is coming back down. There is a simple solution to this also…… I could just toughen up and get some muscles. Going to need them to hang on to this bad boy.

Many thanks to Tony and Phil at Red Brick cycles for setting me up with this awesome new bike and keeping it running in prime condition. Stoked to be part of their shop team for the coming season.