Onwards and Upwards

To begin this post I would first like to apologise for my severe lack of content over the past month. I felt it would be best to offer some explanation so I shall briefly fill you in on where my life scheming plans have taken me now. I personally prefer blogs that give an insight to the writers life, it’s part of their appeal in my opinion and it will help to give the posts context if you understand where I’m at in my life now. So here’s a little of my latest story……..


For the past 6 months I have been living back in Torquay, (my hometown) with my Dad, working as a delivery driver for Pizza Hut. Tedious as Pizza Hut could be this arrangement did allow me the time I needed to get my journalism course finished, spend more time with my family and re-asses what I wanted from life. Which of course involved riding my bike lots and many long soul searching trails runs in beautiful places causing me to fall madly back in love with Devon and in particular Dartmoor.


The views from Torquays coastal path do take some beating

Town life however did not suit me. Too much noise, too many people of the variety I despise and much as I hate to admit it, I kind of missed horses. I guess none of this should come as any great surprise. For the past ten years I lived in the middle of nowhere and worked with only a small number of like minded people who would frequently be the only other people I would see for up to a week at a time! I no longer have any interest in working in a busy competition yard atmosphere. I don’t miss all the rushing and pressure that goes with that scene but the basis of the job, the day to day caring for these animals we love, I missed that.

So having realised what I wanted I set my scheming mind in motion. I have a real talent for coming up with grand new plans for things I should do and taking action immediately,  so I soon had it all worked out. At first it didn’t seem like I’d ever find the job I wanted down in sleepy little Devon, I was on the verge of giving up when by a stroke of luck, along it came. 2 weeks later I was off to the perfect job, goodbye Pizza Hut – yay!


The view from the fields of my new home

I am now based at a beautiful private yard on the outskirts of a tiny village 10 minutes from South Molton in North Devon. I care for 6 horses, most of them retired ex-racers, only 2 of them in work and look after the bosses 2 dogs when she has to work away from home. Best of all I have my own little flat with incredible views from every room. The hours are only part time so I have plenty of time to ride my bike and go for trail runs *cough cough* I mean do my journalism work!

North Devon is an area I know very little about but already in my first 2 weeks of being here I find myself falling in love with the place. It is a much wilder, greener, bigger and more dramatic version of South Devon. Yet the towns and villages are much smaller, still retaining the old word charm as their focal point is still to serve as a social meeting point for the rural community.


Stumpy has conquered Dunkery beacon, the highest point on Exmoor

Possibly the most exciting development for me is now finding a whole new National Park right on my doorstep – Exmoor! I have spent every available opportunity off exploring with 3 fantastic bike rides already achieved, it’s looking like a great new find. The hills are truly torturous but the descents make it all worthwhile. Long, fast and rocky as hell – I love it! Being so far out into the countryside the lane are really quiet and the whole place, even nearer to home is littered with bridleways so the trail running hasn’t been letting the place down either.  All this excitement and I haven’t even made it to the North Devon coast yet.


Exmoor is also full of beautiful riverside footpaths AND most importantly bridleways.

On the days that I succeed in chaining myself to the desk (i.e when it’s raining outside) I am hoping to find the setting much more conducive to getting work done. I now have my much dreamed of desk overlooking a valley of fields and forests. It is such a beautiful place that reminds me daily of the things that inspire me most whilst also giving me that much craved for silent, distraction free working environment. Sat at my desk now all I can hear are the birds singing, the dogs snoring and the odd creak of the old building I live in.

Won’t you be lonely people ask me? This isn’t lonely, this is peaceful, this is space to breathe, this is calm and idyllic, this is perfect.


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