Project Pony

Me for the past 4 years….. ” I am never, EVER buying another horse!”

Me last Tuesday ……………. “Aaaahhhh, guess what? I bought a pony!”

World meet Callie!

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It turns out quitting smoking is easy in comparison to getting away from horses. I have a whole selection of excuses for why I completely changed my tune on horse ownership but to keep it brief and avoid boring you my favourite one is this.

Buying this pony is simply an alternative option to a savings account. The plus points are that I get to actually enjoy my money rather than it just sitting idly in a bank account. It also has the possibility of being returned to me with an incredibly high interest rate. The negatives are that it requires regular topping up in order to remain in existence and considerable time and effort if you wish to see a profit. There is also every possibility of the money entirely vanishing.

However despite not usually being a gambling type of person, having briefly weighed up the pros and cons I went with the fun option and bought the pony. Here is a little bio of her.


Name – Wiscombe Cupid (Callie)

Age – 5

Colour – Skewbald

Sex – Mare

Height – 15hh


I bought Callie from the lady she had been sent to for breaking. She has been hacked alone and in company but hasn’t done much schooling. She is still learning to canter.

I chose this horse of the several I went to see as she is such a lovely all round useful sort. She has a fantastic sane and sensible head on young shoulders and a very willing attitude. This for me is the most important attribute of any horse but particularly when you are shopping with the intention of producing to sell on. I believe she is the type that will be easy to work with and sell as a fun little horse that will appeal to a wide range of people.



I think my face in this picture shows exactly why it was the right decision to buy Callie! 😀

I have had her for a little over a week now and though I am yet to test her hacking on her own she has proven to be exactly as described on the tin so far. We have even had our first little canter in the arena and though she doesn’t quite understand what is being asked of her yet she tried to please and we had a canter each way. I was happy to find she is fairly well balanced naturally so I am hopeful this will be easy to develop. We also had a little go at free schooling over fences. This was definitely a new experience for her as she was most perplexed as to how we expected her to negotiate these obstacles. She soon worked it out and towards the end we began to see signs of a careful little horse in there to be brought out. It also showed that despite her tough appearance she is a sensitive sort so I will have to be careful not to push her too quickly in order to keep her trust and confidence.


The aim for this section of the blog will be to post updates on Callies progress every 2 weeks or so. As with the rest of the blog I will aim to share my successes, failures and lessons learnt in the hope of helping others who might be interested in doing something similar, failing that maybe it will just briefly amuse you. So far I have only shared one half of my life with all my fitness antics so it seems only right to share this other huge part too. It will provide something for those friends and followers who would rather try to kill themselves riding round on a vehicle with 4 legs and a mind of it’s own instead of wheels!

A childhood dream fulfilled, I can see my pony from my bedroom window!

    A childhood dream fulfilled, I can see my pony from my bedroom window!